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To boost morale, leads to gratitude

27 February, 2021

When people are stressed out, they’re more likely to treat those around them poorly. But research shows that creating a culture of gratitude on your team can not only lift people up and boost morale, it may also prevent workplace mistreatment. So be a role model. For example, take time to give each employee a sincere and personalized thank you for their effort this year. Or create time and space (physical or virtual) for gratitude. Some employees may feel uncomfortable expressing appreciation verbally, so you might start an appreciation wall or a dedicated Slack channel for employees to recognize each other. Alternatively, you could begin meetings with gratitude “check-ins,” during which team members can express one thing that they’re thankful for. Or consider creating opportunities where customers, clients, patients, or other beneficiaries can explain how they’re positively impacted by the work of your employees. There’s no better time to introduce these practices than the holiday season, as we’re all reflecting on what’s been a trying year. So go ahead and start now.